Dr Abigail Miranda

Educational and Child Psychologist


Individual Assessments

I use a range of cognitive and attainment assessments to uncover your child's strengths and areas of need. You will receive a detailed report outlining the assessment findings and strategies to support your child. 



Sometimes, an in-depth discussion about the issues your child is experiencing can help. We will talk through your concerns . I will then suggest strategies that can help. You will receive a written record of the consultation.



For groups or organisations, I offer training on a range of topics. You will get an implementation plan so that you can see how useful the training has been, and how it is being applied. 



You may need something more specific, like support around exam stress, or help to support your child with their emotional needs. 

My Approach

My work is child and family-centred. I understand that each child and family is unique; that is why it is important for me to get a clear picture of your child’s needs over time. I use a range of techniques and assessment tools to uncover your child’s strengths and barriers to learning and wellbeing. Plans for supporting your child are then made, which are tailored based on your individual circumstances.

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Why do I need an EP assessment?
  • You feel like your child is not attaining to their potential

  • You want to find out ways to help your child progress

  • You want to make sure that your child gets the support they need


An EP assessment can help to clarify those unanswered questions you have. This can help to take away the stress and anxiety that comes with being unsure of how best to support your child. Comprehensive strategies will then be suggested, to help your child in the areas they need it most.

Getting Help

Please contact me to find out how we can work together to support your child. You may be seeking support for your child for some of the following needs:


Social Skills






Gender Identity


Emotional wellbeing

Your advice and support has meant a lot, and it has meant children getting what they need.

Headteacher, London Borough of Ealing